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  • June Update - Under the Hood

    Just wanted to post a quick status update. Prepare to be underwhelmed :) I mean, I’m excited for the next release, but most of the work lately has been under-the-hood stuff—all to get ready for the Buckets companion mobile app! 📱 🎉 📱 🎉 📱

  • Desktop App: Lessons Learned
    Tech post

    Last year I finished porting Buckets from the web to a desktop app. I’m pleased both with how it turned out and with what I’ve learned. For the benefit of anyone else making desktop applications in 2018, here’s a few thoughts.

    Photo by Clément H on Unsplash with cheesy addition of Buckets logo by me

  • Transaction Clearing

    The newest version of Buckets includes transaction clearing! If you manually enter transactions, this will help reconcile what you keep in Buckets with what your bank has.

  • History and Future of Buckets

    I’ve stated that Buckets is a “keep-going” (not a start-up). Let me explain.

    map and compass

  • Organic and Gluten Free Budgeting!

    You eat gluten free. Why shouldn’t you budget gluten free?

    Imagine this: you just bought a box of gluten free brownies and need to budget the expense. Receipt in one hand, brownie in the other, you sit down at your computer and launch Buckets.

    But wait, “Something’s wrong,” you say.

  • Buckets 0.39: Now with Less Clicking
    New Buckets tab UI

    Buckets version 0.39.0 has been released. This version includes a few long-awaited changes. Parts of the UI have been cleaned up, and a few new features are available for those who manually enter transactions.

  • Sometimes You Shouldn't Store Timestamps in UTC
    Tech post


    A bug turned up in Buckets after this Daylight Saving weekend, and while fixing it, I realized that it was a mistake to store some particular timestamps in UTC.

  • Over 50 Improvements in the Last Month

    In the last month, Buckets has become even better at helping you manage your money well. Here’s a highlight of the best new features and fixes.

    New look for Buckets
  • New: Amazon Reconciliation

    Have you ever been frustrated by how Amazon splits up purchases? Do you spend way too much time hunting through Amazon invoices and your order history when doing your budget? Buckets has a great new tool to make reconciling with Amazon painless. Or at least less painful :)

    Dreaded Amazon Transactions

  • New Features: Notes, Search, Duplicate Transactions and Guide

    The latest version of Buckets is out! It includes several bug fixes and a few new features to help you budget better.

    Notes on Buckets
  • Buckets is 50% Off until Jan 10th

    Happy New Year!

  • Macros: This Changes Everything

    Do you get tired of downloading transaction files from your bank? Or are you tired of paying a monthly fee for a company to do it for you? After months of work, I’m pleased to announce a very exciting new feature: Macros.

    Casette tape - Photo by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

  • Lower Price and New Domain

    Know anyone that could use help with their budget? Buckets makes a great gift! And instead of $40 it’s now $29.95. AND if you buy before the new year it’s 50% off ($15).

  • Importing from YNAB4

    You Need a Budget 4 (YNAB4) is a good application. Too bad they took to the cloud :( Luckily you can now easily import YNAB4 budget files into Buckets!

  • Buckets and SQLite

    If you want programmatic access to your budget, here’s a secret: Buckets files are just SQLite databases.